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  1. ==> BE THE COOL KID 

    Dave Strider from “Homestuck”

    some ironic photos for a certain turntechGod.

  2. Sakuracon 2013 - Day 2

    Striders & Sprites from "Homestuck"

    Better late than never! Here are some more Homesetuck photos taken last convention. Yay for being forever awkward in this fandom… (more like shy as hell despite being able to ask for photos).

  3. Wow, I found most of the cosplayers at Sakuracon I took…
    ahahaa. OTL By all means, that wasn’t easy…

    I swear I am not a creep…I want proper credits for cosplayers. ;___;

  4. princessu:


    Alina does gr8 shoots I love spending time w her and her work is fantastic 10/10 man

    It was wonderful seeing you again Gwen hunny! ; v ; I miss you tons and such a treat to hang out with you that day. Also, I adore your Calliope so much.

  5. lutteatomique:

    Jade Harley from Homestuck

    Alina was kind enough to take some photos of me and here are the results!

    There’s a lot I need to work on for this cosplay and trust me i’m working on it but this shoot was one of the highlights from SC2013



    It was great meeting you Mariel! ;v  ; Such a pleasure taking photos of your adorable 3AM!Jade! <333 

  6. Sakuracon 2013 - Day 1

    toomanyhamsteaks from "Homestuck"

    • cosplayers: 
      • Meenah - hachiart
      • Roxy & Jane - iceeh & eirika
      • Nakodile - if found, let me know
      • Karkat & Sollux - if found, let me know
      • Promstuck!Aradia - if found, let me know

    These are the photos I took of the many Homestucks on Friday at Sakuracon 2013. So many awesome and lovely cosplay everywhere and I do have to admit how friendly the community is. Although, I’m still.. like an awkward piece of shit nervous to meet other Homestucks, it’s a pleasure to finally get photos of you all.

    More to come for Day 2 as well as a Calliope’s and Jade’s private-shoot!

  7. iceeh:

omigosh i found my favorite photo from sakuracon :D
dirkpinkie pie (me!)rainbow dashapplejackfluttershy 
photo credit

A photo I took at Sakuracon 2012! ( &#8217; u &#8216;     ) Those girls were so cuteeeas well as awesome Dirk~


    omigosh i found my favorite photo from sakuracon :D

    pinkie pie (me!)
    rainbow dash

    photo credit

    A photo I took at Sakuracon 2012! ( ’ u ‘     ) Those girls were so cuteee
    as well as awesome Dirk~

  8. Sakuracon 2013 - Day 2

    Perona from "One Piece"

    I’m finally back on schedule with processing photos, which I thank rennai dear for waiting. ; v ; I did a quick shoot for her since the private shoots I were supposed to do were canceled. It was great seeing you after so long!

  9. Durarara!!! Photoshoot from 2011 

    Anri - ovalis
    Mikado - dark110 @ deviantart
    Photography - suishyou

  10. fearandlothering:

    Kirkwall Days, Part I of ? | Sakuracon 2013 | Photography: Suishyou

    “Help my expedition reach the Deep Roads and I’ll do whatever you need.”

    And the spam begins.

    Hawke: fearandlothering
    Anders: Kiwi

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